Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes, and More Pancakes!

I can easily get carried away. I sometimes don’t know how to do things in moderation. I feel like I’m at an obsessive’s anonymous meeting. My name is Christine and I don’t know when enough is enough.

So, with that said and out in the open, I can get on with this post. In the past month I’ve been obsessed with pancakes. And just like when I was obsessed with BLT’S, I have to try them everywhere and make them every which way I know how. I present to you: the banana nut pancake, the choc chip pancake, the sour cream pancake, and the pancake topped with fresh strawberry jam, with a recipe link and rated based on its yummy-ness:

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Fettuccine Alfredo

It’s been 4 years since I lived it Italy and first became aware of my love of cooking. I mean, I’d always known I had the capacity to cook, but never knew I could enjoy myself doing it and feel so accomplished after making every meal. I still remember the first meal I made in Italy that I was really proud of. It was Valentines Day, and after a long day of classes, I just wanted to treat myself. On the way home I picked up a big block of Parmigiano Reggiano, a large loaf of Italian bread, and a bottle of Chianti. I had printed out a simple recipe for fettuccine alfredo, but was nervous to make, what had been for such a long time, one of my favorite meals.

My aunt Liz, who I praise endlessly on this site, would make certain foods only a few times a year. She knew we loved it and knew we relished the few times she would make that one special dish: like her amazing tiramisu, her delicious cheesecake, her perfect lasagna, or my personal favorite, her decadent fettuccine alfredo. Every time I went to visit I always asked the same question: “Did you make fettuccine alfredo?” and on those rare occasions when she said yes I was overjoyed!

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