Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes, and More Pancakes!

I can easily get carried away. I sometimes don’t know how to do things in moderation. I feel like I’m at an obsessive’s anonymous meeting. My name is Christine and I don’t know when enough is enough.

So, with that said and out in the open, I can get on with this post. In the past month I’ve been obsessed with pancakes. And just like when I was obsessed with BLT’S, I have to try them everywhere and make them every which way I know how. I present to you: the banana nut pancake, the choc chip pancake, the sour cream pancake, and the pancake topped with fresh strawberry jam, with a recipe link and rated based on its yummy-ness:

The Banana Nut Pancake:
from Addean1 on

Perfect. Seriously, the most perfect pancakes I’ve ever made. Very moist (probably because of the mashed bananas) and perfectly nutty. I give these an A+. I didn’t change this recipe too much- I put less oil and added chopped walnuts. It was a very simple and quick recipe with awesome results.

The Chocolate Chip Pancake:
from LeeAnn Hansen on

I’m very wary of chocolate chip pancakes- they were the very first I tried to make. Way back, when me cooking was a huge joke and I was still testing the waters in the kitchen, I tried to make chocolate chip pancakes and almost burned down the house. Lesson learned? Cook pancakes slowly over medium heat. I think you can guess what I did… but these were surprisingly good. A little too chocolatey for me, but definitely a great once-in-a-while treat.  I give this pancake a B+ for it’s solid performance.

The Sour Cream Pancake:
from The Pioneer Woman Cooks

These have me torn. On one hand- how smart is it to make pancakes out of sour cream? On the other hand- ugh- sour cream for breakfast? And therein lies my dilemma with this recipe. For starters, these are deceptively heavy and left me with that overfed on a Sunday morning feeling.  But the flavor was so interesting that, at first, you’re not sure whether you like it or not, but can’t stop taking bites (maybe just one more… I’m still trying to figure you out pancake…). Either way, I will try them again because they were very interesting and a fun eat (and, I think, the prettiest of the pancakes!), but next time I’m going to cut back on the sour cream (I used low fat and I still felt a hundred pounds heavier!) and add a bit more flour. Ultimately they get a B-. Not horrible by a long shot, but definitely not in my list of faves.

The Pancake topped with Strawberry Jam:
(I used the Chocolate Chip Pancake recipe and removed the chips… big mistake??? I think so!!!)

The worst pancakes I’ve ever had. Seriously. Heavy, dense, dry. I could have used these as Frisbees. And I’ll just let you know, I had one bite and decided that I would be having a breakfast wrap instead. But, it wasn’t a total loss. I actually ended up making something like a strawberry jam to go on top that was divine. I made a simple syrup and added frozen strawberries. I let them cook down for about 20 minutes and had a wonderful jam that I spread on toast the next morning. So all in all, not too shabby. Pancakes: Big Fat F. Jam? Still a work in progress but I’ll give it a C+ for the effort

I was hoping that by posting I would be able to kick my addiction but I did notice that today happened to be IHOP Pancake Day…….. I wonder if I can pass an IHOP on my way home…….



2 Responses

  1. Hi Christine!

    Yum…..pancakes! It’s been a long time since I’ve made them. Probably because we are not eating on Sundays anymore and that was always my pancake making day. But now that I don’t work on Saturdays, I might have to break out the griddle. Thanks for the great pics and fun post. Hope all is well with you.


  2. I’m great- thanks. I actually had another craving last weekend and made another version of the sour cream pancakes… I’ll have to share. Theyr’e out of this world!

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