Homemade Herbs

I’m starting to notice that, little by little, I become more and more like my parents. More than I’d like to admit. I have my dad’s short temper and my mom’s dry sarcasm. So when I started to pick up some good habits, like my mom’s knack for finding great deals and my dad’s green thumb, I got very excited.

Now, about that green thumb, this isn’t something that’s coming with the greatest of ease for me. When I first moved into my teeny-tiny apartment, I decided to christen the place with my first plant. I wasn’t so great at first but, in time, this little plant has really grown into something meaningful- something I took care of and grew. That same summer I went to the Union Square Market and bought Basil plants and Parsley plants and they both kicked my butt. The parsley more than the basil- that thing just wouldn’t grow! But with what little I had of the basil I made the yummiest pesto. That was a great summer.

From then on my interest in gardening grew. So much so, in fact, that I decided to go all out last year and get a windowsill plant box. I got so excited to grow herbs that I kind of went crazy. Now when I say grow, I mean that I went to a nursery, bought a baby plant, and planted them together in the box. I bought Basil, Sage, Rosemary, and Mint.

For anyone who knows anything about gardening herbs they know this: Mint is invasive!! It grows and grows and soon you have mint all the way across the box, far away from where you first planted it. I knew this before I planted it but a boyfriend, whose name shall be spared, insisted I purchase the mint. So I did. And before I knew it, the basil was suffering, the rosemary and sage were doing just ok, but that mint was growing like wildfire. I was snipping it left and right to keep it from taking over. By the end of the summer, my plants were barely hanging on for dear life. The basil was wrecked, the sage and rosemary looked pretty much the same as when I first bought it, and even the mint looked like it’d had better days. I gave up on my little window garden but promised to return the following year with more know-how and more vigor. (On a side note, I left that windowsill box out all winter and let my plants go with winter. Guess what just starting cropping up a few weeks ago, after all the rain, snow, below freezing, crazy weather? The Mint! It won’t quit!!)

So here I am- 2 summer’s down and my green thumb was itching to get its hands on something, well, green.  So the aforementioned boyfriend, who still has yet to hear the end of the mint debacle, went out and did something… sweet. He bought me an herb pot. It included basil, parsley, and cilantro. I was overjoyed and itching to get planting. So a few months ago I did it- I planted my first seeds. And, because I don’t know how to do anything in moderation ( I wonder who I get that from) I planted a whole bunch of plants.

So far, they’re not doing too great but watching them grow has been such a treat- such an experience. And even though things aren’t looking too pretty right now, the summer is only beginning and things still have time to turn around!

(I would love to post pics of how my plants are today but my camera is currently in the hospital with a sticky sickness… please bear with me until my camera has fully recovered…)


3 Responses

  1. Yeah, that pesky mint. I think I might plant some, but only in a container far away from the rest of my veggies and herbs. I’ve been talking about taking more pics of how my garden is progressing since I planted it in March. Need to post more often. Glad to see a new post on your site. Keep it up. Your herbs look sweet, just like you!

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  3. Yes- posting more often is a must for me as well. if you plant the mint make sure to plant it in another room- I swear that stuff can jump containers!

    Thanks for stopping by!!

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