One Year Ago

This time last year I had a crazy idea. I liked to cook, and I liked to be online, and I liked to take pictures. I thought, “I should put all of this together and try something… new”. So I created this blog and began to document all of my trials in the kitchen. It’s been fun- beyond fun… but I’ve been so lazy this summer!

Luckily, my laziness only extended to getting in front of the computer to blog, but not to cooking in general, because boy did I cook this summer! My biggest cooking challenge? No oven! So I needed to get creative with my stove and find lots of way to keep myself cool.

Peach Ice Cream

My biggest accomplishment this summer? Ice creams and sorbets! Thanks to an awesome Christmas present (thanks, Steve!), I was able to try out tons of different Icy treats. My faves? Peach Ice cream was decadent and slightly reminiscent of the yummy stuff me and my mom love to buy in bucket loads down by Gaffney, SC. Chocolate sorbet was another winner. What a treat!! Icey-cold chocolatey goodness… and sorbet means no fatty cream!! It was wonderful. Third-prize ribbon goes to the rhubarb ice cream which was sweet, tangy, and velvety. It’s a must for next summer. I know I’ll be craving it once those first signs of summer start to pop up next year.

My Peaches in their ice bath

Another biggie for me this summer was burgers. I became a burger-holic. Pesto burgers, Italian burgers, All-American burgers, Down-south burgers, BBQ burgers, Mexican burgers, Turkey burgers… I was obsessed. And I became quite the perfectionist. I truly believe, and I mean this sincerely, that I perfected a moist and delicious turkey burger this summer. (My award is still in the mail.) But seriously, I could not get enough of burgers- and that was absolutely not a bad thing!

My Perfect Turkey Burgers with Avocado and Feta Salad

I also got big into using my grill pan to make my new fave: chimichurri skirt steak. I’m in love!! And you all know how much I love my parsley- this recipe brings it to another level. Especially when I was receiving bi-monthly fresh care packages from my dad the farmer. My dad loves to grow his vegetables and herbs in his huge garden and gifted me with, among other yummy things, a huge bag full of parsley. I used that whole bag the next day, and when I let my dad know he was shocked! That was a huge bag of parsley!! And that was a delicious chimichurri sauce!

The yummy Chimichurri Sauce

All in all, it was a good summer. I’m looking forward to a fall full of cooking and full of blogging.


3 Responses

  1. Welcome back, nice to see you kept busy in the kitchen over the summer.

  2. Thank you! So happy to be back! And my next order of business is posting my awesome experience with your sweet and sour chicken. So happy I can use the oven again- I’ve been dying to have that all summer!

  3. Yay, you’re baaaack! Girl, I have missed you. Sounds like you’ve been busy with the food, but not-so-much with you’re writing. I know the feeling. My readers get a bit up in my Kool-aid, if you will, when I do not post kinda, sorta on a regular basis. I’m working on some Halloween ideas, so I am anxious to get back in the groove. So happy to see you back in the blogging saddle. Yee haw!

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