Buttermilk Biscuits and Gravy

This is not a “light” breakfast. This is the absolute opposite of a “light” breakfast. This meal is completely filling, ridiculously decadent, and oh-so-bad for you.

It started innocently enough. After Thanksgiving, Maria insisted I take back the remaining carton of Buttermilk. I did not protest. But on the way home, I thought, what am I going to make with these? Steve gave me a few ideas: “buttermilk pancakes? buttermilk dredged chicken or onion rings? buttermilk biscuits?”. And that got me thinking. Biscuits might be a great idea- but what to have them with? Eggs and Bacon for breakfast? No- these biscuits needed something more special- something different. And I knew just the thing!

The first time I had these was when I went to visit my family in Charlotte. They boasted on our way to breakfast at Bob Evans- “Chris, you’re going to love these.” And They were right. I doubted them at first. The gravy looked so thick. And it was white. And you put it on the biscuits? No butter? No jam? But I gave it a try anyway. And wow. Just wow. I felt like I was in a country cabin, surrounded by woods and wildlife, sitting next to a roaring fire in my footie jammies, enjoying the most comforting breakfast ever. I was feeling very,very country.

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