I’m a Winner!!

What am I doing on here? Why am I writing a blog post? What’s wrong with me? Didn’t I get enough last month??

No! And, as a treat for being so good last month, I won a prize! You heard me- I won a prize for participating in NABloPoMo. Aren’t I lucky?

I won a handmade semi-precious stone earrings and necklace from Mim at Mim’s Muddle. I have the choice of these awesome prizes:

A) Moukaite jasper necklace with gold-plated beads, bead caps and toggle clasp. Length 49.5cm. With matching earrings.
Moukaite jasper necklaceMoukaite jasper earrings
Click on the photos for bigger images.

B) Snowflake obsidian and riverstone necklace with silver plated bead caps and sterling silver toggle clasp. Length ~49cm. With matching earrings.
Snowflake obsidian and riverstone necklaceSnowflake obsidian and riverstone earrings
Click on the photos for bigger images.

C) Sodalite and riverstone necklace with pewter beads and sterling silver toggle clasp. Length 52 cm. With matching earrings.
Sodalite and riverstone necklaceSodalite and riverstone earrings

So I thought about it all night and my final choice is: (A) The Moukaite jasper necklace with gold-plated beads, bead caps, and toggle clasp, with matching earrings. Mim made these from scratch which makes them ultra special and absolutely unique. Thanks for being so generous Mim!


30 Posts in 30 Days

I did it! 30 Posts in 30 days!

And don’t worry- even though I won’t be posting every day (because that was crazy!!!), this didn’t turn me off from blogging in general.

Blogging has really become a part of my life. I can’t wait to share more recipes and stories here as the days go on.

Going strong… sort of

That’s my post!!

I’m a third of the way into NaBloPoMo and things here are still moving along. More than posting, I’m having fun with the whole NaBloPoMo community. I’m even having fun saying NaBloPoMo (and spelling it). I got a fun surprise in my mailbox this morning and wanted to share. FoodCandy featured my Affogato post on their main page as a Featured Blog Post. Very cool guys and thanks for the shout out! And now I get to follow that up with today’s cooking disappointment…

I had planned to post my mid-week blues cure: A knock-your-socks-off Steak and Potatoes Wednesday night dinner. I was pumped all day long to come home, cook up an awesome steak and potato gratin, and write a post about how cooking mid-week can really brighten up your mood and liven up your night.

Instead, I came home after a taxing day at work (I had lunch at 2:30!!), a long train ride home (Gotta love the MTA!) and had zero energy to cook up a steak dinner. I barely had enough energy to cook period- but I did. I made a peanut butter and banana sandwich and had it with a steaming hot cup of coffee. I’ve got to say, it was good. Really, really good. I mean, it took 10 minutes total to make and I felt so happy and full afterwards I couldn’t be mad at myself for not making the steak.

I’m kind of mad now realizing I haven’t got much to post, but I’ll learn to forgive myself. And hopefully you will too.

Feeling Lucky

Last week wasn’t perfect. Had some trouble with a recipe and had to chuck the whole post- that stunk. Had a tough week at work- that was stressful. Got hacked by absolutely awful spam- that’s the worst! However, I believe that when something bad happens to you, something good is waiting for you just around the corner.


First, I was accepted into the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher program this week! I’m super excited- if anything because it makes me feel a little validated. I have a blog. I like to cook. I write about the things I cook… That’s it! It might not seem so amazing but it’s definitely something meaningful for me. Plus, the Foodbuzz community is a really great place to meet new bloggers- and a great resource for me as I’m learning my way through this thing called blog.


Second, I won an award!!! Isn’t she pretty. I’m naming her Veronica because she’s sassy! But actually it’s called an “It’s a Major Award!” and it was given to me by Wendi of Bon Appetit Hon. Here was my acceptance speech:

“I won an award?? I can’t believe it!! Who to thank?? First I’ll thank my family for not believing in me and forcing me to show them how good I can cook- HA! Second I’d like to thank my boyfriend for being a guinea pig (sorry about that Stir-Fry again) and sometimes sous chef. And last, I’d like to thank Wendi, who beyond this award (which is so awesome I can’t wait to put it up on my website!!!) is also challenging me with her food memories project and really showing me how cool a blogging community can be (isn’t that why we do this? To create community?). So thanks so much Wendi!!! Now I need to go call my family and rub it in… not only can I cook- but I got an award too!!!”

… I was trying to be a little cheeky- but I really meant it! Winning that award really made my day- and Thursday happened to be an extra tough one. So thanks again Wendi! And know that I am working hard to decide who deserves the award next!

Last, I got what has to be the absolute opposite of a mean spam post- My dad left me a comment! I’m sure he was just happy with the intense praise I gave to his meatloaf recipe but it was still really sweet and very much appreciated. He’s a great dad and I’m happy to have had my many years of not cooking to hone my tasting skills.

All in all, it turned out to be a pretty good week.

I’ve also decided to (because I’m a glutton for punishment) be a part of NaBloPoMo– otherwise knows as “National Blog Posting Month”. It’ll be hectic for sure but I do enjoy creating and being a part of this blogging community… so with all that said…

…wish me luck!!!

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