Cheese Soufflé

I’ve been looking for a challenge- something to push me a little out of my comfort zone and this recipe just called out to me. I was getting bored of the pasta tosses and grilled sandwiches and wanted to do something different. So after receiving a Julia Child book from my Aunt Liz and the Julia and Jacque DVD’s from my Dad for christmas, I was inspired to try my hand at this soufflé. Julia has a way of talking about and explaining food that make you want to run into the kitchen and cook- pronto. And she makes it all sound so simple and elegant.

And I’ll be honest- it wasn’t perfect. It was pretty. And then I started eating it, and it was yummy! And then I looked up and it was shrinking- like magic- right before my very eyes. Is that supposed to happen? Julia and Jacque made their soufflés, took the towering and piping hot masterpiece out of the oven, and then they took a bite and the camera’s cut away. Did their soufflé’s shrink when the director yelled cut? Who knows- but it was still an awesome lunch!

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