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An Aerial shot of Florence... I really miss living there!

An Aerial shot of Florence... I really miss living there!

I started cooking out of necessity. While studying abroad in Florence, cooking became a must- not a choice. Plus, with all the fresh ingredients readily available to me, it quickly became an adventure. After returning from Italy and graduating college, I became excited at the possibility of becoming the master in my kitchen. And while I wouldn’t call myself a Master- I will say that in the past 2 years I’ve cooked and tasted foods I never would have imagined I could create.

With all of that said- I’ve started making things that have other people asking- “Send me the recipe”. So here’s my way of sharing my cooking adventures, while documenting them at the same time. Wish me luck on my culinary journey!


7 Responses

  1. Hi Christine!

    Yes, you can cook. Thanks for visiting my blog and making a nice comment. Your blog is wonderful and I love the pictures! I want to take a big bite of that Mac & Cheese! I love that stuff too! Keep on cooking and blogging, girl!

  2. While at home Christine watched and Enjoyed foods
    being made.
    As soon as Independence from School and life kicked in, she stepped up to the plate and hit a Homerun. I am afraid she will outcook me if she keeps going on the current path.
    Keep on cooking healthy and enjoy one of Life’s greatest pleasure—Eating.

  3. […] I got what has to be the absolute opposite of a mean spam post- My dad left me a comment! I’m sure he was just happy with the intense praise I gave to his meatloaf recipe but it was […]

  4. So lucky to have lived in Florence! Studying abroad is something that I wish I did when I was in college. Your culinary experience from Italy is priceless. Lucky duck 😉 Great blog and keep on going!

    • I know- it was one the scariest and most liberating experiences in my life. Sometimes I just want to hop a plane and leave all my worries behind (and start a whole new batch of worries). Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hey Christine!

    You’re getting as bad as me with the no blogging stuff. Are you all right? I’m looking forward to your latest creations, lady. Make ya’ a deal; you kep cooking, taking pics and blogging and I’ll follow suit.

    I really hope all is well. Take care!


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